Tuesday, December 08, 2009

I'm Back!!!!

We got back from visiting my Mom in Mexico a week ago, we were there for two whole weeks and had a lot of fun, my Mom was so happy to see Maria and be able to spend time with her. I had a chance to go through my photos this morning and really liked this ones.

I'm always taking tons of photos of my Mom's garden, it amazes me how many plants she has, this one is from one of her rose bushes.

This one I took at this huge market in Guadalajara.

And as always can't help my self taking photos of all the different churches!

And finally my little Maria with a "mariachi" statue sitting outside an art gallery.

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  1. Velma8:26 PM

    Beautiful photos you took. I love the churches! Wow! Warm Hugs, guess who?


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