About Me

Hi, I’m Angelica, I live in central California with my husband and our daughter. I have been paper crafting since 2003. I am an avid crafter and have always found a great joy in creating and designing. 

My favorite pastime was drawing and painting (oils, watercolors, pencils, etc) until I discovered scrapbooking and paper crafting. I also love working with computers and spending my days working on digital art. 

I have been part of the creative team at Heartfelt Creations since 2010 and started my dream job designing the paper collections for Heartfelt Creations in 2012. I love sharing my passion for art and creativity through this wonderful hobby and I hope you are inspired by our products and designs.

When I'm not working on deadlines for Heartfelt Creations, I'm working on personal illustrations or paper sculptures inspired by Disney characters and parks, yes, you guessed it!  I love everything Disney and love visiting the Disney theme parks.

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