Thursday, August 21, 2008

It hurt a bit!

This is a fun layout I finished today about Maria's little boo boo she gave her self on her 3rd birthday. She was just playing and having fun in the playground, she was climbing a ladder next thing her foot slipped and hit her face on one of the bars, she instantly got this big purplish bump right under her eye. These photos were taken the next morning, she had the black eye for a couple of weeks.


  1. awe....poor little thing. but what a terrific layout! great mix of patterned paper.

  2. Poor baby! My daughter had a black eye once for her birthday. Totally ruined all of the pics LOL!Great LO, love that owl.

  3. Anonymous7:06 PM

    ooooouuuucha! she's a cutie patootie though!!!

    - Marjorie
    HarajukuChic @SIS


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