Monday, August 18, 2014

Organizing Peerless Watercolors

Hi friends, last week I received my order of Peerless Watercolors, I love all the gorgeous colors and shades.  I got them organized in this 6" x 6" mini album I found in my stash.  
I started by creating 6" x 6" watercolor sheets, I created the grid with the color names in Photoshop and printed onto watercolor paper, I kept the colors together in the sets I received them, maybe later on I'll organize them by color family.  I put each watercolor sheet in a sheet protector leaving one sheet protector empty in between.  I cut 1" squares of each color and adhered them to the sheet protector with double sided tape.  Once all the swatches were adhered I painted each color under its name.
The sheet protector in-between each page helps protect the swatches and will also work as a palette to mix colors.  Now I'm ready to play with all this pretty colors.
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