Monday, August 11, 2008


It's Monday and I'm trying to recover from the weekend, it was very busy but it was loads of fun. Friday night got together with my sisters and brother to celebrate Patricia's birthday, it was a late night. Saturday, it was an early start, took a little trip with Velma and Rosemary to the Santa Clara Scrapbook Expo, got back home around 6:30 pm, jumped in the shower packed an overnight bag had a quick bite to eat and headed to my sister's place, the birthday girl wanted to have some fun so 5 of us (girls only) went dancing, it was so much fun, but I don't think my feet agree with me!! So here is Monday, got tons of house work to do & I have to take Maria to school to meet her kindergarten teacher, she starts school on Wednesday, I can't believe summer is over already. Anyways, I have some layouts I did a couple of weeks ago and I hadn't posted.

Maria made up this word "Fashionaded" when she was about 3, every time she wore an outfit with appliques, gems or glitter she would say "I'm fashionaded".


  1. I like the second one the best!

  2. Anonymous9:10 AM

    I love all of them as usual! Had so much fun at Expo. Sorry about your feet! It's from walking at the Expo and then YOU DANCING THE NIGHT AWAY...and I mean literally, cause you were up all night! Take a good nap!


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