Monday, June 23, 2008

Sketch Challenge

I was able to get this layout done over the weekend using the sketch challenge over at "Haute Artist" blog. I used "Big Huge Labs Palette Generator" for the colors, you just upload your photo to this site and it will give you an assortment of colors that will coordinate with your photo, it's that easy.

Now, the story behind the photos; Maria was playing dress up and decided to get into my makeup, I found her in my bedroom but she hadn't seen her self in the mirror. When I took her to the bathroom to clean her face all it took was one look in the mirror and she started crying, she was so upset I kept telling her it was ok and she just kept crying, finally she said "I have blood on my face I'm hurt". For some reason she thought the red marks were blood, so I explained to her it was just mommy's makeup, nothing else. Once I cleaned her up and she saw all the red was gone she calmed down and kept playing.

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